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Composite Catalog Sheets for ThunderSportswear.CC Tee Shirts

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. . Super Belts
$48.00 Per Dozen

These are 2 Sided Prints 


Specials Design# Title 
Super Belts Sheet 1    SB01-SB15 
Click on These Links to see the shirts

Super Belts Sheet 2    SB16-SB27 

Sizes Usually  Mixed 5L=5XL=2XXL

. Sback1 Sun Back 1 This is the Design on The Back of Every Super Belt Shirt     

Except the  Choppers

. SB01 Rebel Skull CSA Soldier Head
. SB02 Indian Maiden with Wolf Indian Girl Sitting w/Wolf in Sunset
. SB03 Only Strong Survive Wolf Large Wolf Head
. SB04 Green Dragon & Castle Exotic Green Dragon with Castle in Background
. SB06 Howling Wolf Wolf Howling at the Moon
. SB07 Free Spirit Wolf Wolf Head and Wolves running underneath
. SB08 Cat & Hearts Cat Head with Hearts Scattered Around      Hearts on Back Also
. SB09 Indian Chief, Wolf and Eagle Head of Indian, Wolf and Eagle
. SB10 Unicorn & Rose Unicorn Head with Rose
. SB11 White Tiger  White Tiger Head
. SB14 Feel The Wind Eagle Clawing out of shirt
. SB15 The Legend Lives Eagle  Eagle Head with Flag
. SB16 Purple Wizard & Dragon Wizard Holding Crystal Ball
. SB17 Forever Free  Indian Head with 2 Eagles
. SB18 Landing Eagle  Large Single Full Picture Eagle
. SB19 Leader of Pack Wolf Rider Wolf Riding A Cycle
. SB20 Ride The Best Eagle Over Cycle w/ Ride the Best
. SB21 Snake and Skull Snake Emerging From Skull
. SB22 Chain Dog Pit Bull w/ Chains In Front of V-Twin
. SB23 Double Eagle 2 Eagles Flying Together
. SB24 Rebel Wolf Wolf Head Erupting from Rebel Flag
. SB25 Wizard Maroon Wizard w/Crystal Ball & Dragon Head Behind
. SB26 Survivor Wolf Grey Wolf w/ Cycle
SB27 Indian Dream Catcher Girl  Indian Girl w/Wolf and Dream Catcher
. SB101 Choppers Forever Wings/Cross Small Crest on Left Front  Back has matching full-sized Design
SB102 Choppers Forever Wings/Skull Small Crest on Left Front  Back has matching full-sized Design
. SB102 Live to Ride to Live Cross Small Crest on Left Front  Back has matching full-sized Design

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---Shipping $3.50 Per Dozen East of Mississippi River
----$4.50 Per Dozen West of Mississippi River unless listed in next line
----California, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming $5.50 Per Dozen

Minimum Charge on 1-3 Dozen $10.50 In Contiguous United States
You will be pleased with these Quality Silk-Screened Shirts - Order Today by Number

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