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Sale on Super Spots $42.00 per dozen + FOB
Sale on Super Belts $48.00 per dozen + FOB
Size Mix 5L-5XL-2XXL
You will be Extremely Pleased with these Quality Silk-Screened Shirts 
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Call to Order 1-239-731-7554 or if busy Fax Order to 1-239-731-7227
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Composite Catalog Sheets for Tee Shirts

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For Newest Designs See Lists Below -Then Click on the Name To See The Picture of the Shirt
Printed Sweat Shirts -Black First Quality - Printed Sweat Shirts
Adult $66 per Dozen Usual Size Mix 2L-5XL-5XXL Sizes Can Vary

Long Sleeved
Tee Shirts
Sold in Dozens
$60.00 per Dozen

Various Sizes 5L-5XL-2XXL
All on Black Long Sleeved Tee Shirts
Designs are the Same
As Shown for the Super Spots on List 01

LS-S05 Wanted
LS-S09 If You Can't Run with The Lead Dog
LS-S10 Black Panther
LS-S13 Running Horses
LS-S14 Red Dragon
LS-S32 Rebels Never Die
LS-S36 Tough Pit Bull
LS-S40 Forest Deer - 2 Deer in Woods
LS-S52 Bad Boy's Toys, Cycle & Girl
LS-S70 Rebel Wolf
LS-S73 I'm An American Have Right To Own a Gun
LS-S75 Born In USA Eagle
LS-S78 Dagger through Heart
LS-S79 Southwest Eagle
LS-S90 Born To Be Bad Truck with Dog
LS-S92 Great American Hawg
LS-S95 Smokin' and Strokin'
LS-S103  Protect our American Tradition Eagle
LS-S105  Strong Survive USA Eagle
LS-S109 Burn The Jerks Not The Flag
LS-S110 New Horses

Shipping ~$4/Dozen Minimum $12.00 in Contiguous 48 United States on Sweats
You will be pleased with these Quality Silk-Screened Shirts - Order Today by Number

Due to Increased UPS Rates
---Shipping $3.50 Per Dozen East of Mississippi River
----$4.50 Per Dozen West of Mississippi River unless listed in next line
----California, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming $5.50 Per Dozen

Minimum Charge on 1-3 Dozen $10.50 In Contiguous United States
You will be pleased with these Quality Silk-Screened Shirts - Order Today by Number

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Shipped Same Day by UPS Ground if Order In by 1:00PM EST
Office Hours Monday through Thursday 9 AM to 5 PM
All Major Credit Cards Accepted    We will Ship Internationally

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Blue Anibal1Thunder Shirt List 02 Thunder Super Belt Shirts 

Shipping ~$3.50/Dozen Minimum $9.00 in Contiguous United States
You will be pleased with these Quality Silk-Screened Shirts - Order Today by Number

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8.00 Each
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