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tall_pimp.jpg 142x264 Trash Talkers: THE MOVIE

This cartoon includes these lovable dolls in what might be considered an average day for them. The movie/cartoon is done in FLASH. The link will open a popup window and load the movie into that window. Enjoy! Make sure you have your sound turned on.

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Bubba, Elton, Lee Chan Li, Mr. Patel, Pimp Daddy, Princess Babs, Elton

Trash Talker Details Listen To us Now!

Bubba  Princess Babs     Lee Chin Li  Pimp Daddy 

  Bubba                    Princess Babs             Lee Chin Li        Pimp Daddy


   Mr. Patel                                      

BUBBA, our resident Redneck, PRINCESS BABS, our Jewish Princess, MR. PATEL, LI CHIN LI, PIMP DADDY are OUTRAGEOUS!
 You'll LAUGH OUT LOUD when you hear them!
Top seller in gay community or to anyone with a gay friend or family member
(makes the perfect redneck gift)
Member in good standing in the Trash Talkers collection.

Draws HUGE crowds!

Mature audiences suggested. Click on the phrases below to hear what Bubba has to say - and how he says it!


Trash Talker: BUBBA - A Must Have!

Bubba is for the redneck in all of us! Arm pit hair visible...remote
control in one hand...beer can in other hand.
Women are OUTRAGED when they hear what he says!
Don't bother him while he's watching NASCAR or drinking a beer, and
don't EVER touch his remote control!!

 Bubba is also part of the original and first Trash Talkers collection.

Phrase 1
Meet my sister, uh...I mean my wife!

Phrase 2
Bring me that beer, bitch!

Phrase 3
Isn't your cousin a nice piece of ass?

Phrase 4
You got pretty lips... mister!

Phrase 5
Move your fat ass! You're blockin' NASCAR!


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Shop On-line at Our Secure Site for Albino Rhino

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Shop On-line at Our Secure Site for Albino Rhino
New Products and Updates being added Daily

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